Experience, quality and research is why Scotty's Sled Shed is your best source for Snowmobile Seat Covers.

Scotty personally tested the Hy Ryze Seat mod kit (Discontinued product line) for an entire riding season before launching to the public. Personal testing also allowed for research on improving the setup for a total rider experience..

Snowmobiles can be used for recreation, work, transportation, Public Safety or even pull an fish shanty out on the lack.

Whatever method you use your snowmobile for, safety and maintenance are important.  These machines were designed to operate in temperatures that the human body cannot survive without proper attire.

As a snowmobiler since the 1970's, I (Scott) understand the multiple functions of snowmobiles.  As a gear head, I raced MSDRA, built race sleds, rebuilt engines, suspensions, electrical systems, and eventually begin buying snowmobiles to part out or recondition.  With that experience, access to microfiche was crucial.  Scotty's Sled Shed still utilizes microfiche data for cross referencing snowmobile fitments.  Working hands on a multiple snowmobiles covering over 5 decades of models, this provides a unique set of skills not often present by most upholstery shops.

I was also an active member in leadership roles of multiple snowmobile clubs.  Promoting snowmobile safety, zero tolerance, club involvements, trail maintenance and even writing on-line trail reports.

In my career as a radio engineer, I have also worked on multiple Public Safety snowmobiles installing Two-Way Radios, sirens, lights, strobes, and circuits for GPS/Cell phone charging systems.

I started my own snowmobile side business with used and new replacement snowmobile parts.  This led to finding a need for replacement seat covers. At that time, the only thing out there were some mass produced seat covers from Saddleman/Travelcade (Saddleman no longers makes snowmobile seat covers). A company from Los Angeles, Ca located near the shipping docks. That's right, Los Angeles, California.  Sunny 80 degree weather, Palm Trees, and ironically located near the shipping yards that transport products over from Asia.  So ask yourself, what does a company in Los Angeles know about snowmobiling? And where are those seat covers really coming from?

Not only was there a need for better seat covers, but more accurate cross referencing data base, and most of all, quality material with choices of color.  Additionally, as a snowmobiler and former racer, I was determined that safety and control was crucial. This meant material needed to last, and offer the ability to keep the rider planted, if desired, on the seat for better control and safety.

Anytime you see any other company on-line offering what Scotty's Sled Shed does, ask yourself a question;  Are they innovators or are they just trying to copy what we do?  What type of experience do they have? What involvements do they have/had in the snowmobiling community? What drives them to make seat covers? Is it just to make a buck the easy way, or are they truly passionate about snowmobiling? 

If you ever watch Shark Tank, the best ideas come from those who are truly passionate about their cause.  You can see the level of detail and passion these inventors have about their products. Sure there are always copycats and counterfeiters. They usually reside outside the United States in countries like China, Mexico and yes, sorry my northern friends, even Canada has now become a hot spot for counterfeit products.  

  MADE IN USA!.  Scotty's Sled Shed LLC is a licensed business in Muskegon, Mi. USA.  All of our seat covers are hand crafted from the ground up right here in Muskegon, Michigan.

On this page you will find links to Snowmobile organizations and forums.  

Please remember to thoroughly inspect and maintain your snowmobile, commit to Zero Tolerance and always wear your helmet.