All of our materials we use are Marine Grade Vinyl. We do not offer any leather work or material. If you have material you would like us to use, you are more than welcome to send it in and we will make your seat cover with it. Note that we are not able to utilize thick tack leather as that requires special machines. .

Trade Shows:

We at Scotty's Sled Shed are committed to ZERO TOLERANCE and will no longer do any shows where alcohol or drugs are served at a show involving motorized vehicles. This sends the wrong message about our commitment to safety. We only do a couple of shows a year as time permits and that is usually for the Motorcycle Police and Civilian Skills competitions or seminars.

Other recreational vehicles:

Currently we only offer snowmobile and motorcycle replacement seat covers.  We specialize in late model. We do offer some vintage model on a case by case basis.  Email us at for vintage. If we cannot help we may know a reputable company that can.

Custom embroidery, foam mods or gel inserts:

We currently do not offer any custom embroidery, logos or foam modifications or gel inserts.  Any embroidery seen on listings here were promotional listings, usually in support of special events.  We do not produce OEM Copyright protected logos.


Our prices are fixed, as is our cost of labor, materials, overhead and taxes.  You would not want your boss to ask you to take a pay cut, so please don't ask us to.

Any seat cover that we do not have a pattern for, we may need you to send in. Those are typically priced time and material.  Many times we will not know how much time is involved until we have the seat assembly in hand.  All aftermarkets are priced time and material unless we have the pattern for it. Some aftermarket seats are not easily removed and installed due to their manufacturing process. If it appears we will damage the foam, we will refuse the work or get in writing that you accept the risk. We will do our best to cover up the damage.


We do offer seat cover installations on a limited basis. Due to our year round order volume, we may not be able to accomodate installations during our peak times. Those times are usually between October-February. We do require 5-10 business days to complete the seat cover build and installation. This does not include shipping times. Customers pay round trip shipping. Motorcycle seat cover customers are still able to send their seats in, but the turn around time may be longer. Snowmobile covers are still our top selling service and we are usually slammed during those months.

We do not run a storefront so all seats must be shipped in for installation work.

Please email us at if you would like to inquire about installations.


Here at Scotty's Sled Shed LLC, we are committed to quality product. We warrant our seat covers to made with the material you chose, to fit only the models listed for your order, and to be free of defect.

If there are any issues contacts us first to help resolve.

We do not offer any warranty or returns because you do not like the material you chose, picked out the wrong seat cover, don't need it any more, doesn't match your vehicle, wrecked your vehicle, changed the color scheme, dog ate it, bear ate it, wife or parents kicked you out,  your foam is severely deformed or lack of your ability to do a quality installation.  If we make a mistake we will make you a new one. If you made a mistake, you now have a spare. No exceptions.

Please see our page on tutorials and choosing colors section for more info.
We do offer to send free sample pieces for you to review prior to order. Please contact us at with subject "samples". Include which swatches you want, your name and mailing address.

Shipping and turn around time:

For replacement seat covers, we usually require a 3-5 business day build time.  This does not include weekends holidays, vacations, or shutdown times.

Easter through Labor Day we only ship snowmobile cover orders once a week.

In the 100 days of summer here in Michigan, we typically do not do production on Fridays. Our eBay store is open 24/7 but understand we are not.

Installations are usually 5-10 business days but may be longer in our peak months October-February. Please plan ahead. Don't send your seat in if you are going to a bike event next week. Snowmobilers please plan ahead, the best time to get your seat cover installed is when you can dry the foam out completely and work on it in the summer. Winter gets really backed up with last minute orders.

Occasionally if the order volume exceeds our standard commitment time, we will halt the eBay store and stop taking orders. We concentrate on quality, not quantity.