Color Swatches

Please see the pics of the color swatches we offer. There may be more choices avaialable, but we often limit to materials we have stocked. Materials we stock meet our criteria for quality and use for outdoor exposure.  Some material may not be suited for snowmobiling such as the Python and Ostrich. Those are suited for motorcycles better. All snowmobile vinyls can be used on motorcycles.

The Human Eye and changes over time.

The human eye is a wonderful organ. It absorbs light and transfers those light waves into electrical impulses into the brain. The brain associates the light waves into a perceived image in the brain. 

As no two people think alike, the same goes with how the brain recognizes how light waves are perceived.  While most of us can agree a color is black, blue green or any other primary color, when it comes to shade variations, that is where it really comes to a difference.

As we age, our vision changes (known as presbyopia). This also affects our ability to properly perceive color.  This can start as early as age 40. However recent studies are showing that due to the new generation of smart devices with digital imaging, people are noticing changes in their vision at much younger ages than in the past.  Recently it has been discovered that the "blue shade" in smart phones and tablets can induce insomnia. 

Natural and artificial light.

Colors look differently in both natural and artificial light.  Adjacent colors tend to change the actual tone of the root color. IE a two tone seat cover with black on the outside and blue on the inside may make the blue look much richer and darker than it would if the whole seat cover was done in the blue.

A tan or brown seat cover on a yellow bike will bring out the yellow hues in the tan and make the color look more yellow. Your machine's colors will look differently outside than inside.

Men traditionally have a more difficult time understanding how colors work together, than women. For years we just stocked blue jeans, black and blue shirts, maybe a khaki here and there.  For color we wear a snowman tie for the Holidays. Woman on the other hand spend hours shopping putting an outfit together by utilizing the rules of colors to play off each other and their natural skin tone.

Digital imaging:

In the digital age we are flooded with LCD, LED, Plasma, CRT, Lasers and other forms of digital artificial image capture. Digital imaging captures colors much differently than what is see with the natural eye. Your eye sees in Analog. Your smart device sees in digital. Each device's digital conversion is different. Just note the difference in picture quality from your old Tube TV to todays LED HDTV.

Basic rules of color:

There are many rules that sometimes require an art degree to get a handle on it. So just to be safe, please request color samples so you can examine for your self in multiple angles and lighting with your own eye. Please do not rely totally upon digital images you see online.

If you do not spend the time researching colors for your machine, you will either have to live with that choice, or dish out more money until you are satisfied. 

Darker colors darken. Lighter colors lighten. This also goes with natural and unnatural lighting.

Larger surface areas tend to lighten, while smaller surface areas darken

Example. If you use a two tone black seat with white inlay, the white may look toned down.

Now make the whole seat cover in white and its going to look brighter white and also may make the seat look huge.  It now does not flow with bike. It now becomes the focal point. If thats your endgame, cool, if not, you have been forewarned.

Why are you telling me all of this?

This is very important. We do not offer any returns, exchanges, refunds because the color you told us to put in, you do not like. Period. No exceptions. Why? Because color, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. And we spent hours putting this page together for you to assist you.  We just ask you take the time to make sure what you are having us put in, is exactly what you want. So, please ask for samples.  We cannot control how digital imaging has transformed what we see.